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Swedish Covr says good-bye to hacked websites

This year, more than 16 000 WordPress websites have been hacked. The cost: money, digital integrity, and time and effort for those affected. While numerous ways to reduce the risk of hacking exist, today’s security measures clearly are not effective enough. That’s why Swedish start up Covr Security has developed a plugin giving WordPress websites the world’s highest protection against piracy and hacking.

The plugin is free for everyone. By downloading the app Covr Security and the plugin, you are ready to go – and immediately much safer.

“ID spoofing and hacking is the Internet’s biggest problem, and it is growing exponentially. It affects huge numbers of people and costs vast sums of money for companies and individuals. This release is Covr’s first contribution to a future where we can continue using the internet just the way we want”, says Peter Alexanderson, CEO and founder of Covr Security.

MFA, or Multi-Factor Authentication, is a term often used in the field of cybersecurity. In this case, it is a two-channel solution where the smartphone, or any other mobile device, checks that the individual using or logging onto a website is authorized to do so.

There are many other potential uses for the technology. For example, 30 people in the US have their identity hijacked every minute. To counteract this, the app can be expanded with fingerprint identification, voice recognition, and a bunch other features.

Other possible uses include verifying that it really is you starting your car, withdrawing money from the local ATM machine, or opening that sensitive document on your computer.

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Peter Alexanderson, CEO and founder, Covr Security
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About Covr Security
Through scalable, Multi-Factor Authentication, Covr protects companies and their customers against password and ID theft, phishing, skimming, credit card hijacking and more. Our main clients are companies in demand of high level security for banking transactions, store purchases, cloud based databases, online gaming, Internet of Things, and buildings with high security standards.

Currently, Covr is in a phase of meeting with companies from all over the world to present their solutions and entering new partnerships.

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