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Below you'll find information on how to get started with Covr, as well as answers to the most commonly asked questions. For support, please click on the contact support below or visit

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Getting Started

1. Downloading Covr

You can download the Covr mobile app from iTunes or from the Google Play Store

2. Set up Covr

Setting up Covr on your mobile device takes less than 5 minutes. Your first step is to enter your phone number, after which you will receive an SMS message with a verification code. After you enter in your verification code you will create a 6 digit pin code. Keep this code secret. Enter your secret code one more time and you have completed the set up of Covr.

3. Creating a Connection

A secure connection is a link between your account and a Covr partner. Covr partners can include financial institutions, Cloud service providers or any company that has chosen Covr's Multi Factor Authentication. You will initiate a secure connection from our partners site using your phone number. Covr will then send you an PUSH notification.

4. Verify a Connection

Once you have received a PUSH notification form Covr you will need to verify that you would like to establish this new connection in Covr. Once your have verified the connection Covr will wait for incoming requests for you to authenticate.