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1. How Covr works

1.1. The way Covr works is that you install the Covr App on your smart phone and establish a secure connection with a Covr partner. Covr partners include bank websites, e-mail and cloud servers, social media sites, e-commerce sites or other products.
As an example: If the Covr partner has enabled a secure login to its web site and you are logging in you will get a Request in your phone so you can verify or deny the login attempt.

2. Download and Setup

2.1. Download the Covr app from App Store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android) and start the set-up for Covr.

2.2. In the setup the identity of your phone must be verified. You will be asked to enter your phone number and an SMS will be sent to you with a 4-digit verification code that you should enter in the setup view.

If you do not see the SMS with the verification code appear as an Alert/Pop- up or as a Banner, you must open your SMS messaging inbox, memorize the verification code and then return to the Covr setup and enter it into the view. If no SMS was received you should press "Try again". Please double check that you are entering the correct phone number.

2.3. In the next step of the setup you will be asked to enter your Covr Code. This 6-digit PIN code is used for allowing you access to the Covr App so you can verify or deny incoming request.
It is very important that you remember this code and you should be the only one who knows it.

Choose a number sequence that you can easily remember but that others cannot easily guess.

If you forget your Covr Code you can NOT recover it. You will have to delete the Covr app, re-install it and start over by adding all your secure connections again.

If by accident you reveal your Covr Code or otherwise suspect that someone else is using it, you should immediately change the code. You can do so in the Covr Settings.

2.4. If your handset is equipped with fingerprint recognition and is enabled you can use that instead of entering the Covr Code to open the Covr app. You can toggle this On or Off in the Covr Settings at a later time.

2.5. The setup of the Covr app is now done and you will see the main view where the Covr app is waiting for incoming requests. But to receive a request you need to add a secure Connection that will send you that request…

3. Add a Connection

3.1. Now that the set-up is complete, it’s time to put Covr to work protecting your logins, transactions and other requests.
The Covr app will not work until you have established a secure connection with a Covr partner. Covr partners include bank websites, e-mail and cloud servers, social media sites, e-commerce sites or other products that have selected Covr as a partner for ultimate security and for your peace of mind.

In the main view tap on the Add Connection button. Tap the Scan QR Code button. Complete the connection by holding the QR Code that has been presented to you in the camera view. This will only take a second before the a secure connection has been established and you can start to receive requests for you to verify or deny.

4. About the Request

4.1. A request is something that is sent to you from the secure connection you have added to the Covr app: It is often a question you have to verify or deny such as ¨You are about to login, Yes or No¨ or ¨You have selected to transfer X amount to account Y, Approve or Decline¨. But the request could contain any content that is in need to be delivered securely to you.

5. History

5.1. History is a chronological log of the requests you have received. If you not attend to a request in a certain time frame the request will expire (time-out) and will be placed in History as a receipt that the request occurred.

6. Connections

6.1. When you add a connection it will be placed in this view.

7. Settings

7.1. In Settings you can manage an array of settings such as Change Covr Code, TouchID On or Off, Notifications and Sound/Vibrate options.