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75.6% of organizations were breached in 2015, but only 62% expect to be breached in 2016. In other words, most enterprises today are more vulnerable than they realize. There’s a saying in the cyber security industry – that it’s no longer a matter of if you will have a security breach, it’s a matter of when. We’re here to prove that truism false. With Covr, it’s no longer a matter of when or if.

By giving the user final say over individual transactions, Covr eliminates the risk of ID and password theft, phishing, skimming and credit card hijacking, hacking, man-in-the middle-attacks and credit card fraud. In other words, partner with us and you can stop paying for cyber insurance, stop losing business because customers are afraid of identity theft and security breaches – and never have to worry about experiencing an expensive security breach.

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The hidden costs of cyber security

  • The average total cost of a data breach at a large company:

    $3.79 million

  • Lloyd’s estimates that Cyber attacks cost businesses

    as much as $400 billion each year

  • The U.S. Director of National Intelligence ranks cyber crime as the

    No. 1 national security threat

  • Annual sales of the global cyber insurance market by 2020:

    $7.5 billion

  • The cyber security sector is poised to grow

    10-15 % over the next 3-5 years

  • No. of records with personal identification stolen in 2014 alone:

    1 billion

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Covr prevents all of these

— ID theft
— Password theft
— Phishing
— Skimming
— Credit card hijacking
— Hacking
— Man-in-the middle-attacks
— Credit card fraud

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Banks transactions, store purchases, cloud-based databases, online gaming and even the Internet of Things can use Covr to ensure 100% protection from ID theft, phishing, skimming and credit card hijacking.

The silver bullet against cyber crime

“Ever since I started working in cyber security, my goal was to get rid of passwords, while simultaneously increasing security by putting the individual in control,” says Covr founder Peter Alexanderson. “That’s how Covr works - by giving the user final say over all transactions that affect their accounts that are connected with Covr.”

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