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We are Next-Generation, User-Centric Mobile Security Management Platform

Covr Security meet the growing demand for highly secure, user-centric control over mobile security and digitized personal information.

Covr is founded by serial entrepreneurs, including the developers of the digital verification standard currently used by the Swedish banking system.

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Banks transactions, store purchases, cloud-based databases, online gaming and even the Internet of Things can use Covr to ensure 100% protection from ID theft, phishing, skimming and credit card hijacking.

The state of insecurity

Today, all transactions of highly confidential value are exposed to cyber attacks – and theft has become almost commonplace. Yet most enterprises are unprepared to fend off attackers. Many end up paying for this lack of preparation in the form of costly fixes and downtime, ID theft, and sometimes irreparable damage to their reputations.

Digital security

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