A new license agreement with leading health organization Mitera

The supply of digital health care is rapidly being brought into the app economy while at the same time, supporting a much higher degree of patient control.

In light of this, we are delighted to disclose that Covr Security has entered into a partnership agreement with the leading health organization Mitera. Mitera’s main product, mApp, is aimed at providing health care coverage by collaborating with hospitals. 

The partnership intends to keep personal health records secure, providing privacy and security to 72 hospitals and up to 1 million users throughout West and Central Africa.

Mitera Health on Google Play

New hire! Navigating online security in the Asia Pacific

Meet Rajiv Madane! Mr. Madane joined Covr Security as Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific, during the spring.

Rajiv Madane has worked internationally with innovative fintech solutions for more than 30 years. He has expert knowledge from digital banking and payments, retail, SME, corporate banking, and wealth management from several leading positions, such as Virtusa and APIX.
Get in touch with him at LinkedIn.

How to keep safe online in a time of uncertainty

In the wake of the COVID-19 devastation, cybercriminals are taking advantage of our digital weaknesses and fear of contracting the disease. Please read our article about different types of socially engineered attacks targeting your security and what to do about it.

At CovrSecurity, we are committed to helping businesses stay safe online. We are always available to share our knowledge on how to implement user-friendly, bulletproof security into your workflows. Schedule a chat with us!

Until next time,

The team at Covr Security

Patrik Malmberg, CEO

Dear subscriber, 

The cyber security landscape is dynamic with no sign of new threats, technologies, and vulnerabilities slowing down. The new decade could lead to more attacks against companies that have yet to take on a layered approach to authentication. For this reason, cyber security will stay in the spotlight, not only this year, but for the predictable future.

At Covr Security, we also believe that the 2020s will need a powerful collaboration and effort between cybersecurity experts, innovation, and industry knowledge to defend against, and prevent, security attacks and threats. To sum things up, 2020 will undoubtedly be another interesting decade for cyber security!

Stay safe,
Patrik Malmberg and the team at Covr Security

API marketplaces open up for opportunities

Open banking and financial ecosystem opportunities for security fintechs are going through the roof thanks to API marketplaces for financial and complementing services. At Covr Security, our API is available on the APIX marketplace.

User-controlled security for credit card companies

When automated fraud detection systems detect potentially fraudulent activities, they often reject credit card transactions or freeze accounts. This becomes a problem both for the issuer and the credit card holder. With COVR, a credit card holder can authorize the transaction directly, which eliminates the problem with payment rejection and false-positive denials. This is how.

The shortcut to lost data recovery

Money laundering and financial crime regulations urge service providers and financial institutions to deliver reliable identity proofing. At the same time, identity fraud is escalating, and it is hard for service providers and financial businesses to trust that someone is whom they claim to be online.