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What is the preferred authentication method?

In recent years, proving who you are has become more critical. Companies and online services need verification and use different methods for you to do so. We started with increasingly complex passwords, but more and more are looking at 2-factor-authentication or even multi-factor authentication. But what way is preferred, both from a security and user-experience […]

Yet another example of why SMS-authentication is a really bad idea!

You’d think that in today’s high-tech society, nobody uses text-messages as part of their 2-factor authentication system. But despite hoping that this was dead and buried practice, every now and then we see examples of when it’s being used and subsequently hacked. Recently, Metro Bank in the UK and its customers suffered the consequences from […]


The state of digital ID’s

For the adrenalised digital world where connected devices are snowballing and digital transactions are flourishing, the ability to prove a unique digital identity is crucial. In essence, digital identities are becoming one of the most fundamental staple goods in the digital realm.