Our award-winning multifactor authentication workhorse has gone through a bit of a facelift.

When MFA was the core business of our company, we just called it COVR. However, as we expand our product portfolio with iAM identity, the MFA solution deserves a package of its own to differentiate it.

Welcome, Onyon – layer upon layer of security, still one of the best MFA solutions on the market!

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Do you feel you lack the attention span to keep up with the latest in technology? You are not alone! 

Cybersecurity and digital technology are topics famed for their dull, cryptic content best left to the technology oddballs. However, as technology has permeated everything in our lives – from shopping, dating, and learning to jobs and healthcare, it’s hard to avoid the subject. 

Technology is good, of course, but it is also becoming weaponized, where cyber warfare threatens both individual privacy and global democracy. So, it’s essential to get on top of the subject. It may seem complex, but whether you’re a newbie or an expert, our new podcast will be worth your time. Coming soon at a podcast platform near you.

A million verifications a day!

We have created strong bonds and a tight business relationship with superstar IDV company Jumio. Needless to say, our jaws dropped when we learned that their automated biometric facial authentication platform has authorized a staggering 100 million transactions since the start of the year!

Jumio has also recently updated its identity verification platform, launching advanced anti-spoofing through their Face Lookup feature, which flags potential facial biometric fraud.

Well done, Jumio!