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Cyber security you can bank on

No other sector is as heavily targeted by cyber criminals as banking and finance, but the cumulative damage due to attacks is unreported and therefore ultimately unknown. What we do know is how much banks spend on cyber security and cyber security insurance – and that figure is staggering.

With Covr, bank customers can connect with their bank over a secure channel using the app on their mobile phones. Covr sends the user notifications about each and every bank transaction. Then the user can choose to accept or reject the transaction – or respond to other types of actions like a survey or signature request.

Current solutions

Tokens, which are vulnerable and costly to maintain
Passwords, which are especially vulnerable
SMS verification, which uses a vulnerable communication channel


Since the transaction is approved in the phone, there is no need to return to a browser to enter information.
No password required
Information travels via IP, not SMS

Four large financial institutions — J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., Bank of America, Citigroup, and Wells Fargo — will collectively spend $1.5 billion on cyber security annually.


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