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The only safe bet in gaming security

The gaming industry continues to grow, with billions of dollars on the line, making it the target of ever-more sophisticated attacks.

With Covr, gamers can connect with their gaming site or app over a secure channel using the Covr app on their mobile phones. Covr sends the gamers notifications about every bet or purchase, and any attempt to access the information. Then the user can choose to approve or deny the bet/purchase, or allow/prohibit access.

Current solutions

Tokens, which are vulnerable and costly to maintain
Passwords, which are especially vulnerable
SMS verification, which uses a vulnerable communication channel


Since the transaction is approved in the phone, there is no need to return to a browser to enter information.
No password required
Information travels via IP, not SMS

In 2016, the user information for over 7 million Minecraft gamers was exposed after a breach at Lifeboat, a small company that runs a server for the game's mobile version.


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