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Consumer empowerment meets brand protection

The 2014 hacker raid on EBay compromised the records of 145 million users – amounting to what was probably the largest data breach in history. In March 2015, Target agreed to pay a $10 million settlement after a class-action lawsuit related to the 2013 data breach that affected 70 million people. These breaches would not have happened if they had been using Covr.

Online retailers who partner with Covr give users the power to approve or decline any purchases made with their accounts. Users connect with the e-commerce site or app over a secure channel using the Covr app on their mobile phones. Covr sends the shoppers notifications about every purchase and any attempt to access the information.

Current solutions

Tokens, which are vulnerable and costly to maintain
Passwords, which are especially vulnerable
SMS verification, which uses a vulnerable communication channel


Since the transaction is approved in the phone, there is no need to return to a browser to enter information.
No password required
Information travels via IP, not SMS

The cost of a data breach goes beyond the compromised information. “According to a recent IBM white paper, data breaches significantly impact consumer confidence. In the case of one major breach, the company saw a 46 percent drop in profit the [following] quarter.”


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